Bryant Roesch
Product Designer

Hey there! ✌️  

I'm a product designer focused on creating meaningful and effective digital experiences.


UX Designer


Bryx is a small software company in the public saftey sector, with a focus on the Fire service.

At Bryx, I am tasked with designing new product features from end to end, spanning user research all the way through to releasing to prod.

Within an agile process we consistently iterate on designs based on user feedback to build better products and more importantly better experiences for users.

UI Designer


As a member of the Experience Design Group (EDG) I specialized in UI Design.

Working closely with a product manager I translated product requirements into meaning interfaces. Leveraging the extensive XEROX style guide I delivered the UI solutions to developers.

During the development phase I validated the implementation to maintain the integrity of the XEROX style guide, branding and quality.


Here is a collection of projects that I worked on while pursuing my certificate in UX design from Thinkful. They highlight my foundational approach to design, including the step by step process I take to solve design problems.

Mad Burger Co. Case Study

A virtual storefront designed for Mad Burger Co., a ghost kitchen.

Produce'd Case Study
Informational platform that specializes in locally sourced food.
IKEA Place Case Study
Redesign of the IKEA Place mobile application.